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Glucose Intolerant

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Glucose Intolerant

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Glucose Intolerant

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Glucose Intolerant

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Glucose Intolerant

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Glucose Intolerant

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Gestational Diabetes & Glucose Intolerance Foods Menu

Since diabetes is a condition where ones blood sugars levels can become dangerously high, then one needs to find and consume foods that can effectively control these effects. Controlling the
fluctuations of blood sugar can be controlled through foods and at times with medication. Only certain foods are allowed that are safe and effective as well as nutritious. Once again the goal is to allow you to live a productive and
Foods for Glucose Intolerance
healthy life through the proper utilization of foods.

The diet is usually extremely effective and the best option to control your gestational diabetes or glucose intolerance symptoms. If one sticks to the menu and eats the proper foods serious health issues can and usually are averted. The basic guideline menu to the foods you can eat are broken down into several categories.

HIGH FIBER FOODS Probably the best choice for glucose intolerant individuals, especially water soluble fiber sources. This is due to the fact that these fiber foods slow down the rate of carbohydrate absorption into your system. Items such as fruits, oat bran, beans, seeds and nuts are excellent choices. Also, vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, cabbage and cauliflower and other leafy vegetables should be on top of your foods list.

HIGH PROTEIN FOODS Also a significant menu item that are not only essential for your daily intake but help control gestational diabetes and glucose intolerance symptoms. It does not have to be red meats, as fish and other legumes provide a great source of proteins in your diet. You will also be getting your essential vitamins.

CARBOHYDRATES All diets require some amount of carbs to function properly throughout the day. However, for glucose intolerance menus, you need to consume low to moderate amounts of carbohydrates. It is a well know facts that carbohydrates act like sugars and increase your blood sugar levels quickly. Things to avoid are white rice, bread and potatoes. The following carbohydrates that are acceptable are vegetables, whole wheat and brown sources such as breads and rice as well a natural oatmeal.

HIGH SUGAR FOODS These should be avoids at all costs. Be aware that sugars are hidden in many foods and you should be aware of what you eat by checking food labels and ingredients always.

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